Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

TiE-Boston is a non-profit organization that fosters and suports entrepreneurship.

TiE-Boston, formerly known as TiE-Atlantic, has developed into a leading business organization in the Northeast. It has succeeded in its mission by providing unparalleled networking opportunities and a number of initiatives to assist entrepreneurs in new business creation. Our membership includes over 450 members and 69 Charter Members.
Despite the tough economic climate, TiE-Boston”s speakers and events continue to draw more and more people from various sectors with a interest in entrepreneurship. This presents a very attractive business oppoortunity, resulting in a large number of sponsors for our monthly meeting, special events and annual conference. Our sponsors believe that TiE-Boston provides necessary guidance, information and support to entrepreneurs and helps them make valuable connections to service providers.

Typical audience for TiE-Boston events is 80% entrepreneurs & entrepreneurs-to-be & 20% Service Providers.

Projected audience:

Monthly events – 225
Sprint workshop – 125
Fall workshop – 300
The Indus Women Networking Event – 50
The Wireless Technology Business Forum – 25
Biotechnology Forum – 25
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