Wireless Technology

TiE-Atlantic Wireless Technology & Business Forum
Update for TiE-Atlantic Executive Committee
July 16, 2001

To provide networking and education to TiE-Atlantic members who are interested specifically in wireless technology and business for:

Entrepreneurial counseling
Education on market and technology trends
Forging personal and professional relationships

Limit membership to 30 people (including WTBF Executive Committee)
Must be current TiE-Atlantic members and be prepared to join the IntellectExchange
Must be sponsored by at least one WTBF Executive Committee member and attend one meeting as an observer
Consensus of WTBF Executive Committee to admit new member
Membership dropped if more than two consecutive meetings are missed

Develop a formal process for electing WTBF Executive Committee members after the first 12 months
Develop an operating organizational structure after first 12 months

Once a month switching between Education and Counseling
First two months will be education meetings. The first meeting will be on September 11 and will be entitled “Will Wireless Save us from the Telecom Meltdown”
Counseling: each month a member will be randomly picked and will be allowed to present an issue or problem to the group and get feedback. Members will self-regulate vis a vis proprietary information
WTBF Executive Committee

Vinit Nijhawan, Wireless Executive & Consultant
Gaugarin Oliver, VP Business Development, Ultiverse
Shiv Bakshi, Research Manager Wireless Infrastructure, IDC
Manoj Turkhia, Director, Fidelity Systems
Navin Mehta, VP Wireless Solutions, Nortel