From steroids to YK11: Why Make the Shift

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There had been many cases of athletes being banned from competitive sports because of steroids. The use of steroids has been strictly outlawed in sports because they give users competitive advantage over those who do not use the substance. Steroid abuse has occurred in many sports disciplines most notably in bodybuilding, track and field, and baseball. With its reputation to increase lean muscle mass, strength and endurance; athletes are enticed to use steroids because they can train longer and harder.

Follistatin is a natural protein in humans that functions to increase muscle mass. By taking in YK11, signals are sent to muscles igniting release of more follistatin resulting in muscle enlargement.

While users of steroids and YK11 have similar results to the human body, the former remains to be prescription drugs. Its use in competitive sports is still banned internationally. YK11 is not a banned substance and has the following advantages over anabolic steroids.

No Adverse Side Effects

handsome manYK11 is basically safe when prescribed dosages are followed. While prolonged use may lead to some side effects, they are usually minor issues and can be resolved by lessening the dosage. Some of the minor side effects may include enlargement of the breast, mood swings, and hair growth. Although hair growth is a known side effect of YK11, it is beneficial for men who have receding hairlines.

Unlike most anabolic steroids that deepen the quality of the voice, cause clitoral enlargement and excessive hair growth, women who use YK11 are spared from these unpleasant side effects.

Steroids are known to cause liver, prostate and cardiovascular damage. Until now, there is still no cases connecting hepatic and cardiac disease to YK11.

Integrity of Muscle Mass Enlargement

The difference of muscle build-up enhanced by anabolic steroids and YK11 is their ability to retain water in the human body including muscles. This makes muscle enlargement by YK11 more ideal as it ensures that muscle mass is pure lean muscles. With steroids, you will never know if the bulk of the muscles is water or lean muscles.

Burns Fats Faster

Because of increased muscle mass, calories are burned more easily and so with fats. The bigger muscle mass becomes, the more fats are burned. This can mean a healthier cardiovascular system.

With increased muscle mass caused by YK11 and with proper exercise, fats can be burned more quickly because muscles are pure lean mass without retained water which cannot be said of steroid use.

Increase Strength and Endurance

body builderYK11 which is not a banned substance so can buy yk11 online and other retail stores. By increasing muscle tissue, muscle strength is also increased. It is also noted that YK11 can increase stamina levels which is suitable for trainings before competitions.

Aside from making you strong and keeping your stamina at high level during old age, it has been found out it can has anti aging properties that can help against hair loss, wrinkle formation, fat deposit and bloating.

It is amazing to know that YK11 can also make us age beautifully. This makes shifting from steroids to YK11 a lot easier indeed.