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What makes the Distinction between Web Development and Web Design?

During the early stages of my web development, I realized I had got confused several times on the differences between development and design. Ask yourself, what is the role of a web designer? What is involved in web design? Is there a difference between web development and web design? Are there interchangeable terms?
The simple answer is no. Each point plays an entirely different role from the other. At this point, we must examine different methods and roles played by web developers and web designers.


web platformWeb Design

Picture web designers who can transform different ideas or stories. Examine the designs that are appealing and use their layouts to create a new user experience meant for your website. The website designs feel and look different. Architects can create an entire house plan before starting the buildup. Every web designer will model their web layout before the developers can develop them.

Most web designers are affected by underrated roles. These designs require integration with their corresponding user experiences. One is forced to move from writing to usable design interfaces that grab any users’ attention. No website is greater than a design strategy applied at the earlier stages. Today, web designers are equally compared to web developers, largely based on their user experiences. The users can appreciate none of this development.

Professional web designers have a library of techniques that are strategic. No one creates a perfect website after thinking or reading through the specs and features. Begin with the scope and focus on what the website has to offer. You can envision the head designs as you start with a sketch or design draft. After the sketch, web designer’s transition to wireframes, mockups then the end design. Pro website designs build the web designs components using pixel perfect layouts that encompass website pages, typography, icons, and other features.


What are the Main Roles of Website Designers?

Use software tools such as Sketch, Illustrator or Adobe. This helps in building the final website layout. Utilize your graphic and logo design skills. For great user experience, the designer adopts a simple approach to get the desired result. This includes the page layout, images, buttons, and general web format. Web designers remain up to date with the latest trends. As principal, the designer should regularly remain up to date with the latest trends in design. The consistency is what has resulted in popular web giants such as Facebook and Google. The designer maintains an appealing color brand that is accompanied by excellent readability and typography.


Web Development

A simple way to understand web development is the process of turning the design into a live website. Web developers will use programming web languages and special software to develop design and functionality. Most developers are split into two groups: The front-end or back-end developers. There is a strong relationship between the two. The front-end guy builds the underlying interface while the back-end guy provides the interaction layout.

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Now that you have understood the clear distinction between the two roles, picture web designers and web developers. Have in mind that they both play essential roles. The internet would not exist without each of them.…