Three Emergency Plans a Car Owner Must Know

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When you own a car, you have to be prepared with all the risks that come with it, such as auto accident, jammed engine, flat tires, grand theft, and carjacking. Most car owners think that they can let their mind rest in peace as long as the car is in the garage. The truth is that all the mentioned threats are always there waiting for their chances to happen. If you do not have a crisis management plan, then you will experience the most loss.

Knowing Who to Call

broken carThe easiest yet most fundamental anticipation plan is to have the right people to call. You should arrange your contact directory in such a way that allows a fast reach to tow companies, hospitals, and police hotlines. Or you can create a display widget that contains those emergency numbers on your phone.

As for the tow companies, you need to make sure that the ones on the list have 24/7 service. Otherwise, you may not get help when you need it the most. For instance, when you happen to travel through Victoria, Canada, you can count on Shoreline Towing Victoria any time you need a tow service. Their trucks can handle varieties of roadside assistance, like flat tires, an engine breakdown, and even a lockout.

Preparing an Emergency Escape Tool

car's seatbeltYour car is built to protect you from a collision, but that same feature can also trap you in some cases. The seatbelt that is supposed to prevent your head from smashing onto the dashboard can get stuck after a hard impact. The same thing also happens with the windows. Most of the time, you need to break them to get out.

However, you may not have enough time and energy to escape. And in that case, the presence of an emergency escape tool can be a matter of life and death. This tool is often overlooked and deemed unnecessary by most car owners because they are confident enough with their driving skill. You should not repeat their mistake! Imagine how guilty you will feel if you survive an accident, but your loved ones do not because they are trapped in a burning car. You should always prepare for the worst, and anticipate it!

The Roadside Survival Set

Your roadside survival set should consist of a blanket, a whistle, a paper map, a raincoat, a flashlight, and a flare/warning triangle. When you travel across states, your journey will take you to miles of empty road. When your car breaks down there, you are alone until you can reach someone.

The blanket is to warm your body in case you need to spend a night before you can get help. You will never know how cold the temperature can get, especially during winter. The whistle can help you attract passersby without the need of wasting your energy on shouting and yelling. The raincoat will allow you to seek help during heavy rain. The flashlight will help you to see at night. The flare’s function is the same as the whistle, but with more visual visibility. And the warning triangle is to warn other drivers so that they won’t hit your car since the road in the countryside can get quite dark at night.

Put them all in the baggage before you start your trip, and you should be ready to face bad things in case they happen.